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Rental marketing to rent collection.
Rentolio has the tools to power your property management success.


Stay in the loop. Our tools keep landlords, tenants and managers constantly informed. No surprises, just results.


Rest easy knowing all the little details are taken care of. Whether you choose to handle things yourself or need a hand every now and then, our cloud based application is always a step ahead.


With the right mix of technology and manpower you can now operate at a cost that gives you an edge. Trim the fat and start earning.

Mrs. Landlord, meet Mr. Tenant

The first step to having great tenants is finding them. We make sure your property is listed in the most effective way based on your location.

  • List to multiple services with one click
  • Each listing has a dedicated web page
  • Tenants can apply online from listing
  • Free Credit checks and re-usable applications
Houses for rent

Simplify Tasks

Remember having to find, print, sign, fax, email then repeat? Rentolio automatically creates and sends agreements for signature when the time comes.

Review, send and sign from your mobile device, its free, go ahead try it out.

Rental Agreement

Communicate and Collaborate

More than chat, our information stream provides you with the pulse of a tenancy. Talk, plan, apply, ask questions, schedule appointments, move-in, move-out, well you get the idea. It's easy, fun and will make your rental life a breeze.

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