Free lease agreements
Alberta, B.C. & Ontario

Our lease agreement is a contract drafted by a lawyer that is applicable to the current tenancy act within the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. In minutes, you can generate your own lease agreement, no pen or paper required.

A free rental agreement for Alberta, B.C. and Ontario


We understand what it's like to be a landlord, so we wanted to provide some free tools to make life a little easier for you.

It's Free

There is no charge or obligation for using our digital rental agreement. We just want to introduce ourselves and show you how easy renting can be.

It's Legal

All of our rental agreement templates are created and reviewed by a law firm to ensure that they align with the Residential Tenancy Act.

It's Easy

Use our online lease builder to create a complete lease agreement in minutes. You just fill in your details and we take care of the rest.

It's Digital *

Your agreement is created and sent out to both parties within seconds. Signing can be completed on any device including a smartphone. You can print it if you want, it just isn’t as cool.

A simple 3 step process

We've automated the process of building a legally binding agreement and getting it signed without needing to leave your home.

1. Fill in the lease agreement

In minutes you will have a legally binding lease agreement specifically written for Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario and ready for signatures.

2. Tenant reviews and digitally signs

Using Adobe Sign's digital lease signing system, we will send out your lease agreement for signature by the tenant. The tenant will receive an email with the document and they can sign the document on their computer or via their mobile phone.

3. You counter sign with your own digital signature

As soon as your tenant signs, you will receive an email notifying you it is your turn to sign. From the email you'll sign just as the tenant did. Once you're done, the completed agreement will be emailed to you for safe keeping.

Flexibility built in

Our online lease agreement builder allows you to customize the lease agreement to your specific needs.


The first part of the agreement is establishing who it is between. In this case, it's between you the landlord and your tenant.


Specify the term length and what's included with the property. This could be furniture, appliances, etc.


In addition to the basics like the rent amount, we covered your security deposit details. The lease agreement even includes a security deposit receipt.


The agreement includes many default restrictions (eg. no drugs on the premise). However, there's always special conditions with rentals like pet restrictions which can be optionally added.

The Most Complete Lease Agreement Available

A lease agreement is designed to cover both you and your tenant from all the things that can happen during a tenancy. Many lease agreements are short. Ours is not and that is intentional. It is designed to provide a fair and extensive agreement between you and your tenant so both parties can feel at ease knowing they have a solid agreement in place that clearly lays out the terms of the tenancy.

● Rent amount and security deposit
● Security deposit receipt
● Security deposit return conditions
● Excessive property damage
● Rent increase conditions
● Utilities
● Inspections
● Maintenance and repairs
● Rent increase conditions
● Landlord Convenants
● Property use restrictions
● Anti drug and illegal activity
● Pets and animal restrictions
● Tenant responsibilities
● No subletting
● No smoking
● Insurance requirements
● Tenant default and remedies
● Rules and Regulations
● Governing Laws
● Termination
● Break lease and remediation
● Early possession provision
● Month-to-month provision
● Furniture and appliances included

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a digitally signed lease legal?

Yes, our digitally signed lease complies with all regulations to make it fully enforcible the same as a traditionally paper signed lease.

Is it really free?

Yes, no joke. This is a complementary service we provide as our way of saying hello. Rentolio provides other value added services to landlords and tenants which we charge for.

Can I sign on my phone?

Yes, we use Adobe Sign for digital signing which fully supports both iOS and Android phones for digital signatures.

Do I get a copy of the completed agreement?

Yes, of course. You will receive an email with the signed PDF version of the agreement which you can download free of charge.

Build and send your lease agreement today.

* Digital signing currently availible only in Alberta